Ever wonder how long you have to change your mind about a color or option? Maybe you will be stuck with it or maybe not. BMW uses specialized internal status codes to describe where in the production sequence a particular vehicle is. Depending on when you ordered the car and where the allocation slot was you usually have some time to make adjustments to the order.

Your CA can access the status of the order through the BMW computer system. You may also track your order through the BMW phone number and online via the website (these options are not as accurate). Once a car reaches status 112 you have a very brief time frame to make any necessary changes. If you have any doubts about the makeup of your order it is best to make the changes as soon as possible because once production has started you have no ability to change the car! Here is a list that helps sort out the codes:

BMW Status Codes.

    037 – Order received by BMW NA
    087 – Production Week Assigned
    097 – Order Sent to BMW AG
    111 – Order Accepted at BMW AG
    112 – Order Scheduled for Production
    150 – Production Started
    151 – Body Shop Started
    152 – Paint Shop Started
    153 – Assembly Started
    155 – Production Completed (Your baby has been born!)
    160 – Released to Distribution
    180 – Waiting for Export
    193 – Arrived at the Port of Exit
    194 – Selected for Shipment
    195 – Shipped from Port of Exit
    196 – Shipment Arrival/ ETA to Dealer