New M Division Boss Hints at Future 1 Series M Product

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Automotive News has an interview with Dr. Kay Segler, new M Division boss and former MINI head. Two things most notable? They ‘ve looked into the current 7 Series as the basis of an M product and deemed the development costs too high and potential sales too low. So that means no M7.

But more importantly to most of our readers was Dr Segler ‘s response to a 1 Series M product:

Q: How about a 1-series M or an M based on the new X1 crossover coming to Europe later this year and to the United States in 2011? A: “You need an entry into M pricewise, but whether we can do that economically has to be determined. Dreams are always there, but we have to pay for them. An X1 is not a car that we would have. ” “Give me a year or so to look into the 1 series. “

We ‘ve know Dr. Kay (as he ‘s known internally) from his days as the MINI brand manager and have always found him a very enthusiast friendly guy. In fact I remember vividly talking with him about the then new JCW race car and how the forthcoming street car was based almost solely on it. It ‘s also worth noting that he wasn ‘t the man who green-lit the X5 and X6 M (if you ‘re keeping score).

+ BMW has high hopes for new M ‘s / Automotive News

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  • BmwM5Fan

    damn it, who needs the shit like 1 series m? its not practically at all and it looks like shit, better the new guy should focus on m5, and m7 development neither than doing some shitty project. thats a pity

  • eager2own

    ^ couldn’t agree less — a 1-series M car would be a nice shift from the trend of M SUVs or the development of an M7. And other articles, like the one on this site regarding whether BMW is still the “ultimate driving machine,” show that it is much needed. Give us a “stripped down” 1-series M car to take to the track on weekends — not an SUV or M7 that will look good in the Trader Joe’s parking lot.

  • RJ

    Wow! A 1er M product – that is great news!

  • Mike

    Wait, Kay Segler is in charge of M-brand now? Is that M-brand management for BMW AG? Larry Koch is still M-brand manager for BMW NA right?

    @BmwM5Fan: Sorry, but your comment makes you sound pretty ignorant. A 1-series M is not practical huh? And the M5 just oozes practicality I suppose. Hmm. If you want practical, get an X6. 1-series M a waste of time? It’s probably the most anticipated product since the return of the M3 sedan. And for you to say “focus on…m7”, how sporting and practical is an M7? School yourself.

    A 1-series M (125tii using the new twin turbo I4 perhaps?) is the only way to bring back the spirit of the 2002…I am PRAYING this happens.

  • JonPD

    Interesting news, still more interested in a eventual Z2 M myself

  • Ben

    What Mike said…

  • BmwM5Fan

    i wont start argue, if u suppose something else, it is your choice, everyone gotta have their own opinion.

  • Sean

    My secret hope is for an M1 that would give a Lotus Exige a run for its money. That’s right, think original M1 mid-engine concept on a 1-series chassis. Drop in the twin-turbo 3 liter and watch people line up to buy one. There is an abondance of oversized BMW offerings. Let’s bring the tradition back to its history: the 700, 2002, and M1 are still wanted and needed.

  • Melis

    I think it would be nice to have a lightweight M product like an M1. Maybe even in a back to basics version and then the usual option list that you can get on a teched-out M3 now.

    The M3 just keeps on getting bigger and heavier, which necessitates a bigger engine, more advanced computer suspension, trick diff, etc to keep all that weight going fast.

  • 2007BMW:M3:V8

    I’m just going to concur with the majority, and shake a finger at M5 fan… on a practicality standpoint, as per what M is all about, the M5 (or “highlly anticipated M7!” psh) are heavy, gas guzzling, long wheel based, businessmens’ cars with some muscle. Ask any auto racer what matters most: curb weight and power. It’s not all about cylinders. (hell, Formula 1 is talking 6 cylinder turbos) A 1 series M car would be the beast of the bunch, without eating your bank account. What’s not to like?