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Automotive News has an interview with Dr. Kay Segler, new M Division boss and former MINI head. Two things most notable? They ‘ve looked into the current 7 Series as the basis of an M product and deemed the development costs too high and potential sales too low. So that means no M7.

But more importantly to most of our readers was Dr Segler ‘s response to a 1 Series M product:

Q: How about a 1-series M or an M based on the new X1 crossover coming to Europe later this year and to the United States in 2011?

A: “You need an entry into M pricewise, but whether we can do that economically has to be determined. Dreams are always there, but we have to pay for them. An X1 is not a car that we would have. ”

“Give me a year or so to look into the 1 series. “

We ‘ve know Dr. Kay (as he ‘s known internally) from his days as the MINI brand manager and have always found him a very enthusiast friendly guy. In fact I remember vividly talking with him about the then new JCW race car and how the forthcoming street car was based almost solely on it. It ‘s also worth noting that he wasn ‘t the man who green-lit the X5 and X6 M (if you ‘re keeping score).

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