BimmerFile Podcast #1

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BimmerFile ‘s first podcast is here. With over four years of experience with Whiteroofradio and other audio on MotoringFile we finally decided to create a BimmerFile version. In this first show Michael, (Todd and DB of Whiteroofradio fame) and I talk about the X6 M and the recent press launch of the car. Fresh from time on the track with the 5000 lbs + beast Michael has a ton of insights in the new SAV. We also spend some time on the new 550 GT and the Z4 that just left the BimmerFile garage. The beginning is a little rough. But what do you expect, we only have 299 to go to catch-up to our MINI podcast.

You can click play below or simply download the file directly to your computer. The official iTunes link should be live next week. Once that is up you can subscribe directly from iTunes and have new shows automatically downloaded to your computer.

BimmerFile Podcast #1:[audio:]

Download (19 MB MP3)

+ BimmerFile Podcast / iTunes Link

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  • lava

    oh wow – those silly mini guys are goofing all over your serious bmw podcast!

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  • Jeff

    Excellent. I have been a dedicated listener of White Roof Radio (I actually started listening before it evan had that name). However, in April I took delivery of a 135i and sold my MINI. I’ve continued listening to WWR, but really wishing there was a BMW alternative. Now there is!

    Also, since my wife drives a 328xi Sports Wagon, I can’t wait for the 25% more wagon talk in the next podcast 🙂

  • chaz

    Looking forward to it. I’m subscribed to the Porsche podcast (in German), but I don’t have a Porsche. It would be good to have a BMW podcast (that says something different than how great our Porsches are).

  • Chris B.

    Very nice for a first show guys! Keep the podcast comin’.

  • Thank you for doing a podcast! The sooner it is on iTunes the better! I will make sure to rate it up also! I have been waiting for a good BMW podcast, thanks for filling the void!

  • Drill

    Great “first” show guys! If BMW decides to forgo the 3/5 Series Sports Wagons how much lead time do you think there would be between the announcement and the end of production? I’ve been planning on an E91 M Sport 328i for a while now but have been holding off in order to save a bigger down payment. The last thing I want is to get caught ill-prepared and miss out, lol.