Image courtesy of Car Magazine/ Edited by BimmerFile

Through a collection of sources (one of which is the always interesting Scott27) we ‘ve been able to piece together a good idea of what the next generation (F10) M5 will offer. For starters the engine will be similar (but not identical) to the twin turbo V8 in the X5 and X6 M SAVs. We expect an output around 570 bhp with dramatically more torque (well over 500ft lbs) than the current E60 M5 thanks to those two turbos. BMW has gone to great lengths to make the F10 M5 have more usable power (think E39 rather than E60).With the help of those turbos, the M engineers have created an engine that is less about a high strung shriek at 8000 rpm and more about everyday power (and lots of it).

But what about the perceived softening of the M brand? Reportedly the M Division will be doing something about that with the F10. With carbon fiber used for some body panels and an optional carbon fiber roof, their aim is to bring weight down as much as possible. Further we ‘ve now heard from two sources that M is planning to recreate the entire platform in aluminum to dramatically reduce the weight of the structure. Reportedly the E60 M5 CSL one-off was a proof of concept engineering test mule that helped engineers vet out much of these ideas.

Then there ‘s the rumor of a KERS system that debuted in this years BMW F1 race car? While many sources have claimed it ‘s coming, we haven ‘t heard details until now. While they ‘re unconfirmed, one of our more accurate sources, Scott27, has not only confirmed KERS but has given us technical insight into how the system will work. According to him (or her), it will be a brake energy regeneration system with an electric motor located in the car ‘s transmission. Stored energy is released by an F1 like switch allowing for extra bursts power for a short time period. In some ways this mirrors the MINI Cooper S, JCW, and the Z4 35is in their short burst of extra torque available at full acceleration. However we ‘re told to expect something a bit more noticeable and immediate with KERS.

What remains to be seen is what transmission will be motivating this power to the ground. We ‘ve heard rumors for over a year now that BMW will offering only one transmission with the F10 and it won ‘t be a manual. Again we point the the E60 M5 CSL as our answer. Reports indicated that a beefed up version of the M3 ‘s DCT will find its way into the M5 with 7 forward gears and lightening fast shift times. Of course if it was our choice we ‘d stick a slick shutting short throw manual transmission in there and call it a day but surprisingly BMW didn ‘t ask.

Look for a launch in early 2011.