The 1M: Exclusive Hands on First Impressions

Yesterday we got a close look at the new 1M. Yes most of it was covered. However we managed to not only get a glimpse of the color and design but also quite a few more details. Here are a few:

  • That is Valencia Metallic Orange (not Inka Orange). I am not a fan of metallic paint and especially metallic orange paint. Yet I have to say I love the look of this color both under the sun and at night.
  • The engine is N54 based (we ‘ll have more on this very soon)
  • We are almost certain the 1M will be manual transmission only – the costs are seemingly too high to engineer a DCT into such a limited run car
  • Yes those are M3 Competition package wheels
  • The front air intake is much like the M3 ‘s but even more pronounced on this car
  • The side skirts are also much like the M3 ‘s in shape

  • The side vents will be outrageous compared to what we ‘re used to. You can clearly see the outline (and a sneak pique of it) poking out from under the cover
  • Based on everything we ‘ve heard over the past six months, we believe there will be one subtle change that will be coming (worldwide) to what you see in the revealed area. I can ‘t tell you what it is but if you think hard I ‘m sure the “lights ” will go on and you ‘ll figure it out.

The car has presence. Undeniable presence that so many people reacted to when they first saw even a glimpse of it. The color, the fender flares and the large wheels combined with the compact nature of the 1 Series coupe give it a look that is flat out menacing. So far it ‘s lived up to all the hype. Now we just have to drive it.

We will have much more information (confirmed info you won ‘t get anywhere else) as soon as we can get some sleep. Look for it soon.

[nggallery id=34]

we not only got to see

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  • bastula

    Looking great. Thank you for posting these pics and the earlier video.

    My guess is the change would be LED corona rings as a worldwide update. The white corner reflector is a Euro model only thing since in the US we get the amber reflector.

  • Drill

    Gabe, what I would like to know is, having seen the 1///M in person now, are you more or less likely to order one?

  • If you go by what you see more. If you go by what I know, still undecided but leaning that way.

  • Drill

    Dude, sometimes it ust suck to know more than you can tell, lol.

  • Drill

    Dude, sometimes it “MUST” suck to know more than you can tell, lol.

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  • Roland Renno

    Nice mean machine.

  • JonPD

    I second that Drill, I would love to have Gabe’s insight but I am just as happy to try to pull as much as I can our of his brief words that he can share. Sure if going to be a lot of exciting times over the next few months.

  • goat

    I’m guess – hoping? – that the change is for US/Canada cars to no longer have the aesthetically regrettable orange sidemarker… I have always thought that US/Can cars could use clear corners like the euro cars and still meet our differing safety regs by adding a reflector to the fender like the e9x cars use.

    I would also love to see the 1M make the move to the whiter colour temperature corona rings that the newest BMW models have debuted (e.g., F10).

    And would be icing on the cake (since I’m making a lighting wishlist here) if these could be retrofitted to the more humble 135i and 128i cars in the US/Canada-market. 🙂

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