Tracking Your BMW From Order to Delivery

Over the years we ‘ve detailed the process for European delivery but never actually talked about the standard ordering process for the US. So as my 1M nears the US shores we figured it would be a good time to detail how best to track your European made BMW from order to delivery. The ordering process can be fun and (at times) a bit frustrating. But it ‘s one of those great journey ‘s that is incredibly worth it in the end.

So let ‘s dive into the process starting with the first step after placing the order; getting to know BMW ‘s order codes. These are the codes that dealers get on a daily basis for all incoming cars and help unlock what ‘s happening with your order:

  • 0 Order deleted by NA
  • 17 Order not Specified
  • 37 Order is at BMW NA
  • 87 Production Week Assigned
  • 97 Order sent to AG
  • 100 Order deleted by AG
  • 101 Error in data transmitted
  • 102 Special Order (no Prod Week)
  • 105 Order out of Prod. Period
  • 111 Order Accepted at AG
  • 112 Order scheduled for Production
  • 150 Production Started
  • 151 Body Shop Started
  • 152 Paint Shop Started
  • 153 Assembly Started
  • 155 Production Completed
  • 160 Released to Distribution
  • 168 AG Stock
  • 170 Waiting Workshop
  • 172 Planned for Workshop
  • 174 Workshop Entry
  • 176 Workshop Complete
  • 180 Waiting for Export Dispatch
  • 181 Waiting for Domestic Dispatch
  • 182 AG Load No. — Released to Carrier
  • 190 Dispatched ex(port?) BMW AG
  • 191 Returned to BMW AG
  • 193 Arrived at Port of Exit (where my car was stalled)
  • 194 Selected for Shipment
  • 195 Shipped from Port of Exit
  • 196 Shipment Arrival — ATA

Once you ‘ve got that down you ‘ll want to immediately start to bug call your dealer and request the production number. Your production number is key to getting your car into the “MyBMW ” system within and being able to track it using BMW ‘s automated telephone system.

When production finally ends (it lasted a week with my 1M) it takes just a day or two to reach the port of Bremerhaven (seen here on a live webcam). From there it can take anywhere from a day to two weeks for your car to ship out. This can be one of those frustrating points within the process that seems all to arbitrary. However once you see it ship out you can likely determine the ship it ‘s on by looking at the schedule. However you ‘re dealer will likely have the full official information including shipping schedule and (potentially) ship name.

One you have your ship name there are several ways to track it however we generally prefer

After docking at the final port it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to reach your dealer. This is last potentially frustrating point of the process. But the silver lining is that there are no more steps. And if you ‘re as insane as I am (and many of you are I ‘m sure) you ‘ll know your car is at the dealer before even your salesperson.

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  • I love driving my 1M, and wouldn’t trade places with you(!) but I maintain that researching and anticipating owning any car, new or used, is half the fun of being a car enthusiast. Enjoy your baby – not long to wait now!

  • Elegiac

    So when will you take delivery?

    Agree with above poster – the anticipation is actually kind of fun. Especially for this car since the anticipation hasn’t been going on for just weeks, but quite literally years.

    • The car should hit my dealer early next week when (ironically) I’ll be out of town. I’ll likely have to take delivery the following week.

      • My 1M also arrived whilst I was out of town, spoiling the final week of my holiday when my dealer sent me pictures. I made sure the car was locked away and out of the showroom!  

  • RKCA1

    I really hate that EN Route portion!!! Takes sooooo long but in the end it was worth the wait.

  • Bimmernet

    That part about knowing your ordered car’s hit the dealer’s lot before they do happens not by negligence While I always shared the excitement, even when it was vicarious after the Economy tanked and I could no longer afford an ///M even though that was my brand specialty, I gave first attention to my order clients and Priority to the “insane” Propellor Heads in the //M’s. By the prices and past life styles of some Salespeople you would assume they are doing great but in our case we had our pay plans cut four times in 2009 as our GM scrambled to “survive” taking money out of our pockets before their’s If your Salesperson happens to slip and miss letting you know about the arrival of the truck your car is on by a half day, an event which the truck driver’s seem to be able to post instantly (the only part of the order process that seems to work so efficiently) please cut a little slack for the poor salesperson doing their best to get you into your new toy ASAP.

  • jpd

    BMW’s follow me to the U.S. is clumsy at best. Even with all the codes and an 800 number most of the process is painfully slow to update. It’s similar on the MINI side. Essentially, I can see no change since 2003. It’s time for BMW/MINI to update this software. 

  • goat

    You guys have it pretty good actually… it’s a bit tougher for us Canucks to track a car… but it can be done. It is fun to know where it is while en route to the dealer. Typically, the “hold up” ends up being unloading the train and getting the car onto a car transporter for the local dealer.

  • 1Mer

    My 1M is also en route right now, on the Mignon.  I hate when their AIS doesn’t update for a whole day… makes the anticipation that much more suspenseful!  LOL