BimmerFile Exclusive: BMW Testing Carbon Ceramic Brakes for M5

Brembo Carbon Disc

Dr. Herbert Diess, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Purchasing and Supplier Network confirmed to BimmerFile that BMW ///M GmBH is currently testing carbon ceramic discs brakes for the ///M5 (and subsequently the ///M6). BMW is exploring options and working with its brake supplier, Brembo on a package suitable for application in the M5. Brembo is also supplying brake components, specifically the multi-piston calipers used in the new F10 M5. Brembo and SGL Carbon have established a joint venture for the manufacture of carbon brake discs; SGL and BMW have a joint venture as well to create carbon fiber for use in passenger cars.

The brake package is said to be about a year out from the market, putting the release within the same time as the M5 is to begin sales in the US. The package would retain the same calipers (although they will appear different) and feature larger discs requiring larger 20 ” wheels.

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  • Adam

    This is great news, but lord knows if the US spec cars even get this option. The justification Ive heard most is that Americans don’t understand how to use the technology properly (warming the rotors for proper response).

  • Efwe

    Хера се! Круто! ))

  • ByMeRzLoY

    Всем привет от bmwclub Россия! Тормозилки зачетные!!!