BF Analysis & Full Gallery: BMW 4 Series Coupe

As much as BMW ‘s design language is lead by the 6 and 7 Series, it ‘s typically the 3 Series that is the best resolved aesthetically. The 4 Series concept bears that true with a particularly well articulated version of BMW ‘s recent form language. Then there ‘s the mantra that every 3 Series Coupe has followed; lower, wider and sleeker. The 4 Series takes this even further with 5 cm more length, 1.6 cm less height and 4.4 cm more width. It ‘s almost enough to move it out of the sports sedan category and into the GT class. The styling supports that as surely the pricing will.

Will it be enough to justify a price increase? And how much will it be? All questions that will be answered early next year when the product car debuts (potentially at Geneva). But we can certainly make some assumptions on engines. We expect BMW to introduce it ‘s new turbo inline six with the 435i model (perhaps even changed to 440i). With more power, torque and greater efficiency the new engine will eventually filter into the rest of the BMW range. Additionally it ‘s a good bet to expect the 428i with the widely used N20 2.0L four cylinder.

We can also expect all cars to be come with optional xDrive and BMW ‘s excellent 8 speed ZF automatic transmission. But purists need not worry. As you can see in the gallery below BMW will be offering the new 4 Series with the traditional manual transmission.

We ‘ll be hands on with the concept in Detroit this January as well as see the final production car this spring. We expect both models to be in showrooms during the latter half of 2013.

While there ‘s much we don ‘t know about this new 4 Series, there ‘s already a lot to like.

Full Gallery

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  • les

    The headlights and taillights look great! I could go without the side scoop.

  • BimmerFile_Michael

    To me this shows that BMW is following Audi into making money off coupes up market- as we’ve known for sometime. This is a gamble in the current financial climate but will also open the door for a smaller 2 series that will become the bread and butter the 3er once was.

    It’s a great looking car and with the lower and wider stance it is sure to be great in corners but will the increase in size take away from the thrill of that corner? We shall see.

    I am looking forward to seeing what comes in Geneva as we will be Live from the floor.

  • Neil

    Does the 4 series replace the 3 series coupes, or will there be both?

    • Replace.

      • Adam

        I all of a sudden dont care what its called, I love it. And Gabe I think we got our answer as to what the vent on the fender does, apparently its teamed with the front “air curtain”. The BMW press release I saw may elaborate more.

        • Yes it is functional based on what we’ve read and heard. Look for this on other BMWs in the future.

  • Aaww bummer, can we no longer save images from this site?

    • BimmerFile_Michael

      If you’d like to save, just right click as always.

      • Weird…I don’t get that option anymore.

        • You have to right click on the thumbnail and choose “download linked file”

  • Ken E.

    Have not really loved the most recent 3 series coupe’s so, this is a welcome step forward. Threw up in my mouth a little at the site of those cup holders. Just take them out and include a “retro” plastic cup holder from the 70’s. You know the ones that flat plastic and hang on the door card.

  • Is the boomerang shaped vent behind the front wheel functional? Or is it a styling point like many other brands?

    It could be these photos, but the front of 4er seems seems “heavier” than the current 3er; a reversal of styling from previous 3er coupes and sedans.

    I am sure either way it will be a huge success.

    • Adam

      The vent according to BMW works with the front air curtain to reduce drag by passing air around the wheels.

  • Hunter Pontiff

    Flipping gorgeous. Sign me up!