The new E82 1 Series combines proven suspension designs and advances in electronic systems in a evenly balanced package. Efficient Dynamics concepts have been applied to the model range to improve fuel economy and lessen the environmental impact.

The E82 builds on many of the features of the E9X models in a smaller package.

Here are some quick facts on the new E82 1 Series from the training/information manual.

Items based on the E9X

  • Front end is identical to the E90 (rack etc.)
  • Front and rear suspension identical to E90, 135i standard with Sport tuned suspension
  • Identical function of the BUS/electrical system to the E90
  • Identical front seats to the E92 with front passenger height adjust standard

New and improved features exclusive to the 1 Series coupe and convertible

  • Perfect 50/50 weight distribution
  • Modified DSC: Two sensors, one with longitudinal acceleration sensor and the other without.
    • Increased diagnostic abilities due to an increase in the precision of fault codes.
    • Modified DSC hydraulic control unit
  • New DSC function: Simulation of a LSD (135i)
    • DSC brakes the inside wheel in a turn transferring the torque to the outside wheel.
    •  More cost effective, does not add weight, does not cause over steer.This is active without the need for DSCto be “on “.
    • Will be introduced in the 3 Series with higher performance engines at a later date.
  • 135i brakes are 338mm front discs with 6-piston aluminum calipers (Brembo), 324mm rear with 2 piston calipers.
  • 135i has a quicker rate of response accelerator pedal.
  • 135i has an added rear trim weight to improve axle load distribution.
  • Media player holder located under the arm rest included with option USB audio interface.

Efficient Dynamics

  • Brake Energy Regeneration- this results in a savings in fuel consumption
    • Intelligent Alternator Control (IGR)
    • IGM Gel Battery for large number of charge cycles.