With the upcoming New York International Auto Show the rumors we have been hearing have been numerous. Most have not been confirmed: an early release of the new 7 series model because why else would BMW be shooting brochures (and get caught) for this car already? But others have been.

We have confirmed with sources that the X6 will be at dealers far in advance of the dates that had been originally released. How does next week sound? It seems too early but the X6 will be at dealers some time next week. We believe that the day will be most likely Wednesday. It is the opening date for the press at the NY show so an announcement may be made there.

It is also worth noting that many dealers are having launch parties for the 1 line up on this date so do not be surprised if you have received an invite to see the 1 and the X6 is hanging out as well. Whether all dealers receive the X6 for this date is not known but some will definitely have them.

We are still ironing out the details and will keep you informed as we receive more information.

Since the X6 release to dealers has been moved up the 7 series launch may be eminent as well. BMW is more actively trying to get CA ‘s to move the current model by loading up kick backs and incentives this month. This is normal for an outgoing model but this seems to be early for such tactics unless there was a move to introduce the model sooner. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for anything we can confirm and bring it to you first.