There are very few videos of BMW factories and how they produce cars. We thought you would enjoy this one from Road Fly. There are a few others that were completed by other journalists on the same day but there commentary is not as accurate as this video.

If you recall our story on what cars are made where you already know what Munich builds. If you are not familiar with this here is the article: Made in Germany? which explains all that in great detail.

The use of robots is extensive in BMW production and the arrangement in Munich is amazing because of the space constraints within the building itself. The cars are not built on a “line ” they actual go up and down between levels as they wind around the building. Having been there we can attest for the ingenuity BMW used when designing this system.

Add touring this facility to your “bucket list ” right after visiting the Welt, and you can wipe two things off the list back-to-back! Enjoy!