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While this car is probably not testing for the US market (or any market since it is not taped up at all) it still is ok to dream sometimes! We are fairly sure many of you would be interested in a 5 door hatch like this, in say: 123d form. It has about 200 HP, 295 ft/lbs. of torque and achieves around 44 mpg. in mixed driving. Performance wise this car can hit 60 in just under 7 seconds and has an available manual transmission so it is no slouch!

We highly doubt that BMW has plans to bring this to the states at this time. However, with the economy in a “slump ” and fuel prices on the rise a cheaper more efficient BMW offering at dealerships would be a welcomed sight.

These photos were taken in NJ not far from BMWNA headquarters so this car is most likely from there and possibly even used for a photo-shoot.

Would you have an interest in such as car or is BMW right for not offering the 1er hatch here, let alone it in diesel form?

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