Due to the current world-wide financial situation BMW will stop production at the Leipzig plant for a week later this month. The decrease in demand and overall global market conditions have made this decision necessary. The closure will occur during week 44, the last week of this month, and will cause a disruption in the production of about 2800 cars. Leipzig produces both 1 and 3 Series variants. The monthly closures will continue until further notice.

On one hand it is a bit disheartening to see how bad the current economic situation has become for this to become necessary. On the other it is good to see that BMW is trying to match supply to demand in order to preserve the residuals of previously sold cars (as much as possible). They are accomplishing this by not offering a lot of incentives to move stagnant inventory. If this will actually work is still up for debate, but at least they are trying to do something. This is far better than just staying the course like many of theother brands did for so long.