All 2009 MY BMW equipped with navigation, sans X3, will now include the MyInfo feature. This was originally rolled out in the X6 this past spring with the new GSM (Global Standard for Mobile on the AT&T network) telematics unit. This unit will now make its way to the other models.

MyInfo does not require the BMW Assist convenience plan unlike the new Google Maps functions, so even with the basic safety plan you will be able to use this feature. Essentially you or someone else can send the to the car: destinations, a short message or phone number. They are conveniently displayed on the iDrive screen and can be clicked to be added to the navigation or dialed via a bluetooth phone.

Jonathan Spira recently reviewed this feature at length during a long term test.He has set up step by step photos to show the process in action over at the BMWCCA. As always it is worth a look and is very informative.

Here is the original video from the April launch along with the press release. We thought a refresher was in order since many of our readers may be interested in this feature now that more models will now include it; not just the niche X6.