The highly touted CS Concept that was likely to become the next 8 or 9 series has been shelved due to the current economic conditions. This news comes from BMW CEO Dr. Norbert Reithofer himself. Here ‘s an excerpt from an official press release that was just sent out:

All our actions are based on careful consideration and foresight. It does not make
sense to build up stocks which are bound to reduce our revenues later on. We
also have a commitment to our dealerships and the well-being of the company.
But there is another aspect towards improving profitability: We are reviewing all
product projects again.

And we thus have decided that there will not be a series model of the Concept
CS. A recent analysis has shown that:

– First: Despite the great feedback this car has achieved so far, it does not match our ambitious profitability targets.

– Second: Our three premium brands have a strong brand image all around the world. This has been proven, for instance, by the latest Brand index analysis. So for the time being, we can do without this “brand shaper” since we have many others in our portfolio.

– Third and most important is that we want to focus our resources primarily
on future projects and new technologies. In other words: Currently, our
top priorities are EfficientDynamics and project i.

So just like that the first car that was developed almost entire by the M Division is gone. While it ‘s likely some of the engineering and thought that went into the CS will show up elsewhere, for now it looks like we ‘re left without the dramatic four door coupe shape that the CS was going to bring to the table.

You can download the full press release here (PDF)