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Yes, this is a bit confusing and makes little initial sense. This is the first time a non-EU produced model is being offered for pickup in Europe by those ofus in the states. If there is a choice,it is my opinion to ALWAYS take delivery at the BMW Welt as there is nothing better than driving your car on the roads it was designed for.Our original understanding was that X5 and X6 ///M models would have limited availability for delivery at BMW Welt but it has been brought to our attention that the wording really means that you take delivery of a car normally available for European Delivery and get to “experience ” the ///M SAVs.

This limited driving event starts with picking up your new BMW (not an ///M SAV) in Munich and ends with an ///M Power Driving Experience in Salzburg, Austria.

The experience includes a two-day driving event at the Salzburgring which also features a behind the scenes for the product development of these models and of course some well deserved track time with BMW ///M stock vehicles. There are some other small perks as well and of course you can stay in Europe for longer than the 2 days!

The cost of the program is $2000 per person. Seems a bit stiff for a 2 day experience but if you look at the cost of a 2-day ///M school this is actually cheap.

With the number of deliveries at BMW Welt by US buyers decreasing exponentially in recent months (along with overall car sales in general) this may be the first of many such experiences to help drive up the number ofdeliveries.