As we ‘ve previously reported BMW will be further downsizing their entry level engines for the next generation 1 and 3 series. More specifically for the first time in recent memory BMW will be using three cylinder engines rather than four. Reportedly some of the technology involved will be derived from the Motorcycle division ‘s recent powerplant work.

Here ‘s a quick list of the rumored three and four cylinder engine line-up. Note the six cylinder engines are not going away – they ‘re just not listed. (courtesy of Auto Motor Und Sport)

– x16i – 1.35 liters I3, 122 hp/190Nm (140 ft lbs)
– x18i – 1.35 liters I3, 150 hp/220Nm (162 ft lbs)
– x20i – 1.35 liters I3, 180 hp/260Nm (192 ft lbs)
– x23i – 1.80 liters I4, 204 hp/300Nm (221 ft lbs)
– x25i – 1.80 liters I4, 240 hp/350Nm (258 ft lbs)