The party starts this week. 50 years ago this week the first Mini rolled off the assembly line in England and changed the world. To celebrate we ‘d like to do something really exciting… like give away a beautiful British Racing Green 1963 Mini Cooper S. But we don ‘t have one. And if we did, we ‘re pretty sure we wouldn ‘t want to give it away either. So instead we ‘re re-publishing the 50th anniversary piece we posted a few weeks back to celebrate the brand, the day and the little car that changed everything. Enjoy!

[pictobrowser motoringfile 72157616669657069]

The following is an official history of the Mini/MINI over the last 50 years. It details the rise of the small car in 1950 ‘s Britain to today ‘s success worldwide. If you don ‘t know much about Mini/MINI history, this is a must read. And as a bonus we ‘ve also included the largest gallery of official Classic Mini photos we ‘ve ever seen on the web much less posted on MotoringFile.

Official Release: Five decades full of driving excitement and individual style – this, in a nutshell, is the history of MINI. But in its significance to the automobile world, MINI goes far beyond these achievements – no matter how outstanding they may be – alone. Indeed, only very few cars have characterised the development of the automobile in such an outstanding manner.