Scott27, one of our favorite completely public sources for BMW rumors has provided some clarity around some of the projects BMW AG have put on the shelf over the last year.

– GT lightweight four-door coupé – BMW Concept CS. : CANCELLED
– M1 supercar – Production M1 Hommage. : CANCELLED
– GT2 (the Z8 replacement) : CANCELLED
– GT3 (based on next 3-series) -Next Z4 Coupe : HIATUS
– X7, Seven seater luxury SAV with V12. : CANCELLED
– X4 coupé Sport Activity Sedan : HIATUS
– 1-series shooting brake, : ACTIVE
– 6-series shooting brake : CANCELLED.

What ‘s a GT2 and X4 you ask? Here ‘s an except from his post that clears most of that up:

>Yes we know about the demise of the beautiful CS Concept something I had hoped would have made it to production. Although the V12 was to power the range topper the M Division had plans for a ballistic high performance version of the V12 in which the car which would have been designated BMW 7er Gran Turismo, would have been a serious preformance flagship for BMW.

>The M1 Hommage was purely intended for a design exercise only but BMW began to investigate if people would get their cheque books out for a limited production version powered by either the V8 from the M3 or the incoming V8 Turbo found with the X5/X6 M models. When you seperate demand from the dreamers there was no specific case for a strategy.

>BMW have always had one concept in mind for a replacement for a Z8 – The California Spyder Project which made it through the final stages but abandoned for the CS Concept. A Gina style resurrection is on the cards as BMW will show the car in the run up something exciting and highly relevant today , for tomorrow . The California Spyder was a “0 ” emisssions vehicle as it was purely based on the hydrogen 7.

>Whether or not BMW add a Z4 Coupe to the E89 is all dependent on sales response , the previous coupe was introduced to increase sales to the Z4 E85. Now with the two both combined as both a Roadster and Coupe , the need for a coupe model has been diminished. Although a Coupe was created alongside the E89 it offered nothing new designwise except a fixed roof. Sales of the new Z4 have been exceptional so do not expect a return for a Z4 Coupe.

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