We ‘ve reported on the upcoming F10 M5 ‘s choice of powerplant for sometime now. However, Autocar is getting into the game with an actual quote and thus some confirmation on what we ‘ve reported previously. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>The new performance saloon, known internally under the codename F10M and due to make its first public appearance at the Frankfurt motor show in 2011, is set to mark a major departure from its predecessors by adopting turbocharging for the first time.

>The decision is part of the drive to cut fuel consumption, a key element of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics programme. M division’s head of development, Albert Biermann, said the new driveline will also receive taller gearing, helping to cut CO2 emissions by 20 per cent, from 344g/km to around 275g/km.

>“We’ve been forced to switch to an engine offering greater low-end torque than the naturally aspirated engine to ensure it can cope with the longer axle ratio,” Biermann said. “It’s the only real way we can balance achieving the environmental improvements we want while retaining similar levels of performance to today’s car.”

Ok, it does sound a little concerning. Taller gearing meant to reduce CO2 consumption? It ‘s not really the hallmark of an M product. But our sources are claiming that this new M5 pays respect to environmental concerns while being thoroughly faster than the E60 M5. Improved torque with similar levels of throttle response means crushing acceleration. Add that to a torque vectoring system putting power down through the rear axle (no AWD here) and we ‘re looking at the ultimate ‘Ring taxi.

In addition to a double wishbone front suspension the next gen m5 will also feature fully electronic power steering (both firsts for an M5). But again out sources are telling us that both contribute to the normal grip levels and steering feedback we ‘ve come to expect from an M product.

Stay tuned…