OmniAuto.itis reporting via Autoblog that BMW will be feathering racing expenses even more next year. With BMW exiting Formula 1 and (finally) selling off their team to Peter Sauber it was assumed that there would be additional funds to invest in both Efficient Dynamics and the remainder of the racing programs.

Autoblog says, BMW is going to cut its entries in the WTCC down to a single two car team- Team Schnitzer from Germany. The team will gain WTCC stalwart Andy Prilaux from the former UK team to improve its drivers. Though this looks like a cost cutting maneuver it could also be an attempt to get all of the top drivers on one team to knock SEAT from the top-spot while not having the other drivers lose face.

We also have been hearing from sources that the ALMS team and drivers will remain in tact for 2010. There are also rumors of additional races to be completed outside the US with Schnitzer competing in the Le Mans Series in Europe with a BMW ///M3 GT2 similar to those used in ALMS but we have not been able to confirm this rumor.

We do not think that BMW will be making any further cuts to its racing programs but this begs the questions: What would BMW be without racing? and, How many teams do they need to furnish to fulfill that requirement?