We ‘ve heard this rumor many times over the last few years. First it was the 2013 1 Series. Then it was the mythical “0 ” Series. Now it ‘s back to the 1 Series. Autocar is reporting that BMW will extend its agreement with PSA to produce a modular front wheel drive platform that will underpin the next generation MINI and Citroën/Peugeot small cars. Knowing that the F30 1 Series is already under development as a rear wheel drive car we can only assume BMW is looking at either the next (next generation car (due out roughly around 2018) or another product like the rumored “0 ” series or a Project i product. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>“Nothing is concrete at this stage but discussions are on-going about whether or not BMW should break with the tradition of rear and four-wheel-drive cars,” said a BMW source. “For many in this company it is a taboo subject. But we have to be realistic with the targets we have set ourselves for fuel consumption and emissions, and they clearly favour a front-wheel-drive solution for 2018.”