Over the course of the press days (next Monday and Tuesday) at the Detroit Auto Show Todd and I will have an opportunity to interview a handful of key designers and executives at BMW including Martin Birkmann – Head of BMWNA Product Planning and Strategy/BMW Motorsport Manager. Martin is a true enthusiast at heart (he is a ‘Ring instructor on his vacations) as well as a strong factor in the decisions that influence what models, engines and options the North American market receives.

Obviously our heads are spinning with questions and topics for each. But we don ‘t have a monopoly on thoughtful and meaningful questions when it comes to BMW and the Motorsport Division. So we ‘d like to hear some of yours. Here ‘s how it works. In the comment section below, give us one or two questions that you ‘d like us to ask. At the end of the week, we will pick the very best and then feature them in each interview.