Looks like the X6 is the next vehicle to be announced with the new dual scroll turbo inline six featuring Valvetronic. We have long suspected the soon to be announced X5 LCI (refresh) to sport the newest BMW six cylinder, but we believed the X6would remain powered by the award winning twin turbo N54. These motors reportedly have the same official outputs but the new N55 is more efficient, lighter as well as providing better acceleration and throttle response. BMW ‘s new eight speed transmission, supplied by ZF, will be equipped in both US X6 models to provide even greater efficiency and improve shifting ability.

Worth noting is that this motor and transmission swap has currently only been officially confirmed for the EU.

Introduced for model year 2010 in the US was a factory tune for the X6 known as option 7RR. It featured the same output as the recently launch 335is (320hp/330 ft-lbs). Will this become the X6xDrive35is? We do not see this as a large leap and suspect we will hear official word in the not so distant future.

UPDATE– An unnamed source has confirmed the US will see the N55 and 8 speed switch for model year 2011. This same source reports there will be no “is ” model offered at this time.