BMW Performance 335i with Engine Kit

As we hinted at last month, BMW Performance has officially decreased pricing for 3 Series parts. These aggressive price reductions impact both the current generation E9X cars and the previous generation E46.

BMW Performance parts when installed by a BMW Center will be warranted for the remainder of the new vehicle warranty and in no way void the original warranty with the car.

Full list and official PDF after the jump…

E9X 19 ” wheel/tire style 313

Old MSRP– $4,805.00 / New MSRP– $3,984.28

E90 BMW Performance Exhaust

Old MSRP– $2,396.00 / New MSRP– $1,999.14

E46 Carbon Fiber Strut Brace

Old MSRP– $1567.00 / New MSRP-$ 993.97

Full Price List

+Full E9X BMW Performance Price Reductions+/ PDF

+Full E46 BMW Performance Price Reductions +/ PDF