The New York/New Jersey Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC) is where all vehicles in the north east enter the US. This VDC currently is operated by BMW rather than a third party like some of the others in network. Many things happen to the cars at the VDCs before they ever reach the dealer; they are fascinating places as we learned a few years back on our tour with the BMWCCA.

Our friend Jonathan Spira at The Diesel Driver has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of his beautiful 335d. He was granted access to the VDC like never before (photos permitted) to help document the journey of this latest addition to his garage.

The BMW Vehicle Distribution Center, or VDC (previously called the VPC, or Vehicle Processing Center) is, for all intents and purposes, an extension of the BMW factory in Germany.

The 335d wasdriven directly to a segregated area at the VDC, where it remained until it was cleared by U.S. Customs inspectors, who physically inspect each car.New cars are cleared through Customs electronically before the ship reaches port.The 335d cleared customs in record time – within 48 hours of arrival.Customs clearance for tourist delivery cars can occasionally take up to two weeks.

For an in-depth look at the steps completed at the VDC with photos and commentary visit The Diesel Driver here.