BMW ‘s midsize crossover the X3 is nearing its final testing phase and subsequently starting to lose some of the camouflage we had previously seen. These photos (courtesy of our friends at Autoblog) show an evolutionary approach from the current SAV with some hints of the X5 and X6 thrown in for good measure. The X3 will be the first BMW on the new module platform meant to spawn both the next generation 1 and 3 series variants. Engines at launch should include the new N55 3.0L turbo down to BMW acclaimed 2.0L diesel. The US could even see a mid-range diesel in the X3 at some point in its life-cycle.

Along with the X3 the new 6er is also nearing it ‘s final evaluation phase. Again Autoblog is on it with photos straight from Munich. And we ‘ll be damned if it isn ‘t starting to look pretty good. We ‘ve gone on record here at BimmerFile is stating our lack of respect for the current 6er in both styling and performance. However we ‘ve been told by more than one BMW executive that the next generation car will be nothing less than gorgeous. It ‘ll also feature a full range of BMW ‘s finest engines from the higher power diesels to the twin turbo V8 found in the new 550i. In the US we ‘ll likely see the N55 3.0L six cylinder along with that 4.4 twin turbo V8 found in the 5 and 7 series.

We expect to see the 6 Series late next year as a 2012 model. What about the current 6er for 2011? As we mentioned in our latest podcast, it ‘ll be leaving the US market this fall and will not return until the debut of the new model in late 2011.