The spewing ash from the Icelandic volcano has not only caused a major disturbance of air travel for passengers. The flight ban has created all sorts of headaches for the manufacturing sector as well, BMW has not escaped from the white dust unscathed. According to multiple sources, including the Wall Street Journal, BMW will temporarily halt production in Germany at certain sites this week due to flight restrictions.

BMW will temporarily halt production Tuesday evening in Dingolfing, southern Germany. Similar stoppages will take place in Munich and Regensburg on Wednesday and Thursday.
According to BMW this production stoppage will delay the construction of approximately 7,0001, 3, 5 and 7 Series vehicles.

BMW production in the US has also been impacted by the flight restrictions. BMW is cutting production at its assembly plant in Spartanburg, S.C., as well. BMW produces the X6 and X5 SAVs at this sole US plant with some components coming from over seas.BMW spokesman Jan Ehlen says volcanic ash is grounding planes that bring leather seat covers from South Africa and transmissions from Europe. He says the plant will not stop production, but employees will work shorter shifts until the supply of parts returns to normal (via AP)