Normally we only write about rumors when the following is true:

– We hear them directly from our sources
– We hear them from trusted sites who have sources with a track record
– They aren ‘t completely insane

However most of those things aren ‘t true of this latest rumor: the Special Edition 1M. Because of that we ‘ve held off on reporting on the 1M CSL. But we felt it would worth a mention given how much of the BMW web seems to be talking about it.

The rumor is from our favorite digital renderer Jon Sibal and comes from a source of his at BMW. The story goes that M is considering a special edition of the already special car with the rumored enhanced N54B3OTO with well over 400 hp (vs 332 on the stock 1M). The one thread of legitimacy that this does have is that BMW will need something to sell in place of the M3 and it goes away for the 2012 model year (as M works on its successor). But the 1M hardly seems like the car for that give the lifecycle and the fact that a Z4 M would likely be better at filling that slot.

The car would have some special bits and pieces with more power. The one benefit of using M3 components in the drivetrain is that we know they are designed to handle much more power than the 1M will deliver in stock form. So any upgrade would likely be doable without M having to invest in a new clutch or other drivetrain components. BTW that point is also a good one to remember for those looking at a stock 135i or a 1M with the mind-set of mods.

But would M really invest money into a niche product that will only be produced for a year? It seems unlikely to us given timing, price-point and product positioning.

That said, we would be happy to be wrong on this one. Instead we expect a convertible version of the 1M in its place.

BTW the image above is courtesy of Jon Sibal and has to be the best render we ‘ve seen yet of the 1M. Remove the stripes and you might just be looking at my next car.