2011 Chicago Auto Show

BMW NA released a bulletin Friday stating what most of us already knew; the 1M will be very limited and somewhat hard to get. But perhaps more distressing for those trying to get their hands on the car is the fact that “allocation will be handled separate from the (typical) allocation system. ” Finally we ‘ve also confirmed that allocations will be announced to dealers on February 16th.

BMWNA has announced that allocations will mostly be based on the number of M cars and 1 Series models sold at each dealership. Some quick math is all it takes to realize that some small dealers will be getting very few 1Ms at all. However it ‘s probably a little too early to jump to any conclusions until the 16th.

But perhaps most disappointing is that the European delivery of the 1M (which we had talked about in our interview with BMW NA M Boss Matt Russell) will not have its own allocation. That means any car delivered in Munich will have to come out of the already limited dealer allocations. Thus many dealers will simply not offer the option and will certainly not pass along the savings.

BMWNA had originally announced around 60 units a month for the US market but we ‘ve confirmed that that number is anything but concrete. They now expect to change allocations monthly as production volume changes from the factory. This would in turn add, remove or change the production slot as to when the dealer may receive their allocation.

Finally we reached out to BMW for confirmation on whether the 1M will go beyond the 2011 model year. The answer in a word? No. The official line from BMW NA is that the current plan is to build the car for the 2011 model year only.