As part of his February spill-a-thon Scott27 (Herr26 on BF) has given us a glimpse of the upcoming F30 3 Series. With the shared architecture (which debuted on the X3) BMW has the ability to create more 3 Series variations quicker and with less development costs. Because of this BMW is being rather aggressive with their proposed 3er line-up for the F30 generation. First up will naturally be the marketing leading 3 Series sedan.

According to the source the F30 ‘s styling will be sharper and based off of BMW ‘s new surface design seen on the F10 5 Series. BMW clearly knows the F30 needs to be a likable car and they won ‘t stray too much from the formula that has make it such a success worldwide. In fact we don ‘t expect the F30 to be anything but conservatively handsome much like the E90 was when it was released. The new 3e will debut late in 2011 and make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2012.

Debuting alongside the F30 will be an inline six cylinder 3 Series ActiveHybrid model (the powertrain will debut in Geneva in the 5 Series ActiveHybrid) that will be aimed primarily at the US and countries outside the EU.

The F31 touring (not destined for the US) will bow in the summer of 2012 with a public debut likely in early autumn. Look for a more raked look much like the F11 5 Series touring.

In the US the touring ‘s absence makes way for the 3 Series GT which we detailed yesterday. The 3er GT will be more sleek and sportier than the much larger 5 GT and will even be somewhat independent of the F30 sedan as a whole. It ‘ll also be simpler with a traditional hatch rather than the two-piece unit in the 5 GT allowing BMW to keep costs down. The 3GT will be offered in RWD and AWD models throughout the world. One big difference between the 5 and the 3 will be character. The 3 GT will have a touch more dynamic flavor to better correspond with a younger more active demographic.

One interesting note the 3er GT ‘s chassis will form the basis of a long wheelbase model meant only for the Chinese market.

Following the GT BMW will move onto the Coupe (F32) and Convertible (F33) for 2013. Much like the E92 and E92 the new models will be a departure from the sedan detail design yet remain a strong family resemblance. The F32 Coupe will debut in the winter of 2013 and bow publicly in Geneva that March. According to the sources styling on the F32 will grow sharper in the same vein as the ConnectedDrive Concept that debuted last week. The sum will be a more premium look with details also influenced the new 6 Series (angular headlights with recessed indicators being one example).

Perhaps unsurprisingly the F33 convertible will retain the folding hardtop and borrow all other styling form the coupe.

The F30 will build on what the E90 has accomplished. It ‘ll be slightly larger (and definitely wider), allow for more premium options and continue BMW ‘s refinement of the car. Engines will range from 3 cylinder turbos outside to the US to a new version of the N55 turbo inline six. In the US expect the 328i model to come equipped with BMW “s new N20 four cylinder turbo (producing around 240 hp) and the 335i with an uprated N55 producing at least 320 hp.

Source: Scott27 GCF

Image courtesy of Jon Sibal