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We ‘re back after a few weeks off with a full show on our favorite letter in the alphabet. We start off talking about the management changes at the BMW M with Dr Kay Segler going back to MINI (to bring some of his magic to another M brand) while his replacement steps in. We break-down what may have led to the change and what to look for out of the new guy at the top.

Then we move onto product. First up is the M5. Yes it ‘s just a concept but we all know that it ‘s 99% what we ‘ll see on dealer floors later this year. Then we move into the M3 lightweight at those gorgeous seats. We give our guesses on weight savings and then move onto to the 1M MotoGP car. Is it a 1M CSL? Perhaps. But more probable than that we could be seeing the first glimpses of BMW Performance M parts for the 1M.

Then we talk about Mfest and what to expect. Held at the Nurburgring this June the Mfest will feature the debut of the M3 lightweight along with another surprise or two.

Finally we take a look at the new F13 6 Series Coupe which just debuted digitally a couple weeks back.