Last winter at Detroit we had the chance to interview BMWNA M Brand Manager Matt Russell. This time it was our friends at Bimmerpost who got the chance to sit down with the man behind the reins at M. So let ‘s get down to what was said. First off the four door lightweight M3 won ‘t be coming to the US. Why? We ‘ll let Mr. Russell ‘s response do the rest of the talking:

>Reason being that there is not much time left to build E90 M3 and also the homologation issue. Having said that, we always take a look at the componentry that they offer on some of these special editions like the GTS and like this sedan, and we try to see if there ‘s anything we can use or make fit here in the States that would be easier to homologate. It ‘s difficult to get things federalized for sale in the US.

A couple other things worth noting. As we ‘ve reported (and spoken about on BimmerCasts), if you want a E90 four door M3 you ‘ll want to get in touch with your dealers soon. We may not see a 2012 model year for the car. However Mr. Russell didn ‘t rule out a four door version of the next M3. It seems it ‘s been a reliable seller for M and they see a future for the car.

What about the 1M being sold out? While it ‘s very very close apparently there are a few out there if you look hard enough.

You can head over to Bimmerpost for the full interview.