Photos weren ‘t suppose to drop until June 21st yet here they are. You (and BMW) can thank and now Insideline. Full press release should follow soon but until then let ‘s talk about what we see and what we know about the F20.

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Official Photography

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Details. We ‘ve got tons but we ‘ll wait on those for the most part as we expect the full release to drop on Sunday. We can tell you that, ultimately, the F20 should be available with a full range of engine choices based on two powerplants; the 1.6L petrol found in the MINI and the venerable 2.0L diesel found in both the MINI and the current 1 Series.

The 1.6L is turned sideways and will produce both 136 (116i) and 170 hp (118i). Interesting both figures that don ‘t correspond to and MINI model output. The diesel will range from 116 to 184hp.

Interestingly we ‘ve been told not to expect DCT for now and instead BMW will offer their quick and efficient 8 speed auto along with a six speed manual.

The 1 Series has grown over 3 inches in length, .7 in width and is the same height as the E81. Interestingly the wheelbase is only 1.2 inches longer which means the majority of that extra length is in the over-hangs. The track is up 2 inches in the front and 2.8 in the rear to 60.4 inches and 61.8 inches respectively.

For those in the US, imagine the front of this on a coupe and convertible and you have the 2 Series that we ‘ll see in 18 months. Otherwise look with some resentment because we won ‘t be getting the 3 or 5 door hatches you see here.