BMW 1M Launch

The 2 Series and the M2. They both represent the best of what ‘s new for BMW in the next decade and a return to form of the best of the 1 Series.

According to sources (and this recent Auto Express article) the M2 will pack a 350 hp turbo engine. However what ‘s unclear is whether it ‘ll be N55 based or M ‘s new tri-turbo. Both engines would have the same power with the tri-turbo getting noticeably better fuel economy. The latter should show up in the X3M.

Expect both a manual and DCT to be offered and suspension and brakes to be leveraged from the E92 M3. Expect more weight savings to be used given that the project will have much more time to fully develop.

One thing we ‘ve learned over the years is that BMW is serious about moving its coupe up-market. It started with the E46 and will continue with the F32 3 Series and the F22 2 Series. And as BMW has done previously these cars will get a unique look as compared to the four and five door models. However this time source indicate (along with Auto Express) that the changes will be more dramatic. In fact we ‘ve heard as far back as 18 months ago that the next generation 1 Series coupe (now known as the 2 Series) would sport a more radical look upfront.

Look for a slimmer headlight profile to give the car a more aggressive look. However there is one area where it may not quite match the current 1M. With the F20 chassis being wider, there will likely be a little less of those radically bulging rear flanks needs to cover the M3 ‘s suspension and wheels.