Over the past year we ‘ve brought you many different rumors on the 1M. But over time each of those rumors have either been confirmed (manual only) or officially dispelled. In last week ‘s BimmerCast we had a chance to speak with Brian Watts – the man in charge of the M Divisions Sales and Marketing worldwide. As you may have heard in the BimmerCast, we asked Mr. Watts point blank about two of the most persistent rumors over the past six months:

– Will there be a 2012 model year?
– Will M create a special version of the 1M?

They ‘re rumors we ‘ve labelled on our own as highly unlikely but we wanted to hear from the man himself.

Regarding the rumor of extended 2012 production, here ‘s what Mr. Watts had to say:

>We shouldn ‘t expect it (and) I don ‘t forecast it at the moment. Like I said, this is a limited production here in the states and that ‘s how we should treat it. We kept the volumes limited and keep the nostalgia up. This is one of those cars that will be a collector ‘s item in the future.

Not a complete and total denial but clearly it ‘s not happening at the moment. And later when we weren ‘t recording his answer became even more resolute.

What about the rumors of a special edition 1M? Again Mr. Watts:

>No. We don ‘t have anything on the radar. There are a lot of rumors floating around and that ‘s good. But at the moment we don ‘t have anything in the near future.

There you have it straight from the ultimate source. While we do expect some new 1M accessories to show-up soon (he did confirm stripe packages are coming) we don ‘t expect any future iterations of the current 1M.

You can hear much more in the entire interview BimmerCast #54.