Citing newspaper reports in Japan, analysts believe that BMW and Toyota are planning on sharing fuel saving engine technology in future products. A report by J.P. Morgan ‘s Tokyo office is claiming that Toyota would get diesel engines in place of providing hybrid technologies to be used for future BMW and MINI products. The analyst went on to say that they see this as a positive for Toyota – helping them get crucial diesel engines for European markets quickly and cheaply.

So what about BMW?

BMW has already entered into a partnership with PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) to co-development hybrid systems for future FWD and AWD MINIs and BMWs. What this rumored deal means for that is unknown. It ‘s also interesting to note that BMW has gone it alone (along with its suppliers) in developing the FWD hybrid systems in the upcoming 5 Series and 3 Series ActiveHybrid. Could this deal be more about selling engines and gaining knowledge rather than taking Toyota engine and hybrid components for MINIs or BMWs? Our hunch says yes. BMWi is currently working on a plug-in hybrid system for the i3 (similar to the Chevrolet Volt ‘s) that would marry together batteries and a small two cylinder engine taken from the Motorrad division. Then there ‘s the triple turbo hybrid drivetrain in the i8 and God knows what else lurking in the underground garages at BMW ‘s secretive design and technology center the Fitz. Could Toyota ‘s expertise be meant for these projects? Only time will tell.

Source: The Detroit News