With BMW ‘s recent introduction of Yelp into the “BMW Online ” suite of services, a lot of readers have begun to ask questions about BMW Online versus BMW Apps. Unlike BMW Apps, “Online ” is an annual subscription service that costs $100 a year and delivers weather, fuel prices and now Yelp to your car (among other things). The other side of the coin is BMW Apps, a $250 option that allows for iOS based BMW apps to be displayed on your cars Nav screen and controlled by iDrive.

For our money BMW apps is the way to go as it de-couples the app from automotive development and promises future upgrades with new functionality. And it ‘s that new functionality we want to talk about today.

Currently BMW Connected currently has:

– Web radio
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Calendar
– Pandora
– MOG Radio
– Last Mile Navigation & Vehicle Finder

But we want to know what kind of apps you ‘d like to see in future updates? Immediately we can ‘t help but wonder where the weather or Nav to google maps functionality. Then there ‘s functionality outside of the car such as remote start or remote lock and unlock (something that the MyBMW Remote app offers outside the US).

Enough of our ideas. What would you like to see in BMW Apps?