As BMW goes further down the path of integrating future MINI products into the BMW brand ‘s own products, the next obvious crossover is with the small crossovers themselves. More specifically we ‘ve learned that BMW will be building the next generation MINI Countryman and BMW X1 on the same front wheel drive/all-wheel drive platform. That same platform will then spawn future iterations on both cars including often rumored and now confirmed BMW X2. The X2 will follow the tradition of the X6 and the forthcoming X4 as a crossover coupe. A crossover that features coupe-like styling the X2 will continue the tradition that BMW started. However according to sources, BMW found simply down-sizing either of those two cars wouldn ‘t work in creating the X2.

The problem with the X2 is that you can ‘t simply size down those larger crossover coupes without severely reducing rear headroom. It ‘s simply impractical to go with the same formula with the X2. So BMW ‘s proposed solution is to make the car more of a loweroofed SAV than following the same idea as the Sport Activity Coupe. Think of X2 as a MINI Paceman or Range Rover Evoque by BMW. That also means we fully expect (thanks to sources) that the X2 will be available as both a 3dr and 5dr model.

It is not the first time that BMW have considered a 3dr X model. Recall the original X Coupe concept with it ‘s two doors and side-hinged hatch that drew severe criticism? The X2 has a much more modern silhouette but the vague idea remains; a more personal coupe-like vehicle meant for urban dwellers without the requirements of a large household.

Originally the X3 based X4 was also conceived as a 3dr as well. But market demands changed the focus of the concepthalf-way through the design process – something Porsche ran into with their Macan. More or less three door crossovers were dismissed in light of more market friendly 5dr configurations.

While the next generation X1 and X2 will share their core DNA (aka platform) with the next generation Countryman and Paceman, expect both to be larger than the MINI. The X2 will likely debut the new platform in the market in 3-4 years time.