Next Monday marks the beginning of the 2013 auto show season with the famed North American International Auto Show. It ‘s not only the most important show in the US but easily one of the biggest in the world. As always BimmerFile will be on hand to cover the show and this year, the following debuts:

– 4 Series world debut
– M6 Gran Coupe world debut
– 2013 Z4 Refresh world debut
– 3 Series Wagon US debut

Beyond getting some hands-on time with these new cars we ‘ll also have a chance to speak to designers, engineers and representatives from BMW. Now here ‘s were you come in. What do you want to know? What cars or options would you like to see make it to the US market? What do you want to now about BMWi? BMW M? How about Alpina? What about diesel – what are we getting and when will we get them? Let us know your questions and we ‘ll do our best to get them answered by the powers that be.