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While at NAIAS we caught up with Victor Lelue, BMW 3 Series and Z4 Product Manager for the US. We used this opportunity to chat about everything you can imagine 3 Series. Starting with the 320i and why it exists without much if any improved MPG figures. We then moved onto the new 3 Series wagon and what we should expect with it. And yes that means only xDrive and 8 Speed auto.

But the big subject we tackled regarding the 3er is of course the new diesels. We learned from Victor that the new 3 Series diesel will be powered by a 2.0L four cylinder (as expected) with around 180 hp and 300 ft lbs of torque. And MPG? BMW is expecting 40 pus MPG on the highway.


The new 3er diesel (likely called the 328d) will be all about efficiency where the 335d was marketed mostly with performance in mind.

Yet the Z4 had a big day at NAIAS with the world debut of its LCI. Victor gives us some insight into why the LCI was so subtle (hint – it ‘s already pretty good looking). Additionally we asked Victor about the lack of a M Performance Line Z4 considering the 35is is basically just that. And what about that N54 sticking around? You ‘ll have to listen to find out the official answer.