The Prototype Technology Group (PTG) run by Tom Milner is officially closing it ‘s doors. PTG was a longtime partner for BMW in US sports car racing with 11 years of racing across both the E36 and E46 M3s. According to Milner age and changing economics in racing have a lot to do with the decision.


But PTG should be remembered for their fruitful partnership with BMW North America and a stout record. From 1995-2006, BMW of North America and Team PTG, drove to 53 wins in 118 races entered, adding 14 championships to BMW ‘s history book. Incredibly successful by any measure. So we tip our hat to Tom Milner and the entire team that worked on those teams. Job well done folks.

For a full look at the Team PTG M3 check out the official team site.

Source: Autosport