BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Brewers here in Germany produce some fine suds on a daily basis. But they turn it up a notch, they push alcohol content and offer it in a revised bottle. Not surprisingly car brands tend do the same thing for their unlimited but special edition models. So it is not surprising that BMW M will be offering more power and styling for the S63Tü equipped models for 2014.

We recently talked to an unnamed source at BMW about how M needs to differentiate full on M models a bit more from the M Performance and M Sport models- he agreed and told us that changes are brewing for the next model year. Notably M will now feature some key design elements in all of its models- double slat grills with badge up front and squared LED DRLs as seen on DTM M3s as an option. Recent spy shots confirm this. We love the throwback of the front grill badge as it was on many of the early M cars. The grill badge also announces to the person gazing in their rear view that they are soon to be surely blown by.

While we love a good looking car, M is intent on making sure these new “Competition Packages ” are as much substance as style. And according to the rumors (which have been reported for some time) the optional package will feature a 15 hp boost, distinctive and lighter wheels, black exhaust tips, more aggressive suspension, and a more direct steering ratio. The latter may also include a bit more “road noise ” (i.e. steering feel) dialed in. In Europe this higher performance package was known as the “Drivers Package ” in past models and we can ‘t help but wonder if this naming will continue on. In the US and other markets look for it as the Competition Package.

It ‘s an exciting time for prospective M buyers and fans because M is keeping up with the “Jones ‘ ” and the horsepower war and performance wars show no signs of abating.

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