We ‘re introducing a new feature at BF called Weekend Watch. Simply put it ‘s some of the best automotive content we ‘ve seen all week that is worth bringing you. So grab your favorite beverage and sit back.


The Jaguar C-X75: “The performance of a Veyron, the range of a Volt, and the CO2 of a Prius. ” Why did Jaguar kill it off? They claim costs and the ability actually sell the car. Regardless it ‘s an incredible piece of technology with an engine that would have been one of the all-time great

The AMG45 vs the M135i. The winner? It ‘s surprising and worth a watch. Especially for those at BMW M.

Nothing to see here. Just Chris Harris getting a world exclusive drive in the new Porsche 991 GT3. The car that is perhaps the most anticipated non-BMW at BF for 2013.

Bugatti ‘s 254mph Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse vs the 720bhp Pagani Huayra. Yes it ‘s worth watching.

Finally we turn to the mountain. Pike ‘s Peak and that earth shattering run from Sebastian Loeb. Previous record held by Rhys Millen at 9:46:164. Loeb didn ‘t just smash it. He made every attempt at the mountain this year and in recent years look ridiculous by destroying that time and posting a 8:13:878.