Between German magazine and the always interesting Scott27 we’ve learned that one of the fruits of BMW’s joint venture will Toyota will be the Z5 Roadster. Developed along side the new Supra, the Z5 reportedly will come with a number of engines including the all important hybrid option. Given the time-frame we’d also expect carbon fiber more than just surface deep.

Additionally, we should expect the car to look and feel like a BMW inside and out with the only shared components being the chassis and some drivetrain elements. Look for the Z5 to debut sometime in 2015.

Also of note is that this paves the way for the return of the real wheel drive Z3. Expect a Z3 slightly smaller than today’s Z4 with similar engine configurations and more emphasis placed on making it a true driver’s car – something the current Z4 lacks in most configurations. We’d expect the Z3 to bow shortly after the current Z4 goes away.

Finally there’s the Z1 or Z2 depending on who you listen to. This front wheel drive BMW will be based on the MINI Coupe/Roadster replacement and will be very similar to the current MINI Roadster in packaging and performance. Look for this no later than 2016/2017.