There’s been a flurry of M2 CSL rumors over the past few days. While we don’t know anything for fact, we’ve had more than a few tips in recent days that point to some consistent potential facts.

  • Look for the CSL be something like an M2+ meaning that we’ll see slightly more power, torque, less weight and potentially ceramic brakes
  • The CSL will be identical in width as the muscular M235i Race car but not as dramatic as the Vision GT you see above
  • Look for a race-like splitter, diffuser and spoiler
  • Weight will be down with plastics and carbon fiber aiding in weight loss
  • The M2 will launch (much as we’ve seen it in spy photos) late this year
  • The M2 CSL will likely launch late next year during BMW’s centenary

More details should start slipping out soon. And as you can imagine, we at BF can’t wait. Cars like this are what BimmerFile is about.