The BMW E82 1 Series is officially dead. Sure the lighter and faster 2 Series is right around the corner but the passing of the 1 Series is worth mentioning. We’ve praised the 1 Series since 2007 as the closest in spirit to some of those classic small BMWs of the past. In our last review we called the the 135is just about the perfect all around enthusiast’s BMW.

>It’s not the pure analog experience that some say it is. Instead what it aims to be is something a little different — some would say more impressive. It’s aiming to be the perfect all around car for the BMW enthusiast that feels left behind by the brand.

To relive some of our favorite memories of the car, here are our favorite review of the 135i over the years.

– • 2008 135i Manual (First review)
– • 2008 135i Automatic
– • 2009 135i Manual (the 135i Revisited)
– • 2009 135i w/Performance Accessories
– • 2013 135is (Final Review)

RIP in piece 1 Series. May you become the affordable and capable used dream car we always knew you’d be.