In a recent conversation with to Auto Motor und Sport, Friedrich Nitschke had a bit to say about the prospects of the next M5. He noted that the current model is “suffering” do to variations and adding all-wheel drive on the next-generation M5 could be a “solution.” While plans are still fluid, the M boss said the company would have to weigh (pun intended?) what an all-wheel drive system would have in terms of weight and weight distribution, fuel economy and of course performance.

Nitschke reconfirmed that the next-generation M5 will be lighter than the current model, which is not saying much since the current model (F10) weighs more than the previous E60 generation. The root of the weight loss is not entirely thanks to M magic but that the next generation 5 (G code) will feature a carbon fiber rich structure that will melt away the pounds. We would not be surprised if the next generation M5 weighs in at 250 lbs less than those coming off the line now.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport