According to several sources (including the always on-target Herr26/Scott26) BMW brass are close to making a critical decision on the next generation 2 Series that will impact BMW enthusiasts for years to come. As we’ve pointed out, BMW faces a quandary with the 1 Series (and all it’s derivatives) moving the front wheel drive UKL platform and the 3, 5 and 7 Series all sharing the larger rear wheel drive 35up platform. That leaves a rear wheel drive 2 Series without a benefactor to help defray the costs of development. It has been expected that that would mean a switch to front wheel drive for BMW’s smallest coupe. If that happens it will eliminate the last small rear wheel drive coupe from BMW’s line-up – the very configuration that mades it so successful for so many years. In many ways the heart and soul of the brand.

However there is hope.


Because the UKL is a modular chassis, it can theoretically be altered to be RWD according to sources. And now that it’s decision time, BMW M is joining the internal fight to keep the 2er rear wheel drive. With whispers of the forthcoming M2 shaping up to be something spectacular, M doesn’t want to lose what could be a huge product for them in its second iteration due in 2022.

Naturally this proposed strategy of splitting the 1 and 2 Series down front wheel drive and rear wheel drive lines isn’t just about one car. According to the same insiders, joining the next generation two door 2 Series would be a four door coupe called the 2 Series Gran Coupe similar in shape and design to the 4 and 6 Series Grand Coupes.

The final decision rests with the BMW Board of Directors and will reportedly happen later this year. Stay tuned.