Yesterday we talked about the 3 Series Coupe being transformed into the 4 Series. But what of the M3? Would BMW possible throw away one of the most storied nameplates in the automotive world?

The simple answer is no. Based on a couple of our favorites sources (including the always informative Herr26) it would appear that BMW will be keeping the M3 name attached to it ‘s sleek two door coupe. The theory is that, because M cars are so different than their “Series ” brethren, the M3 can exist on it ‘s own separate from the 3 or 4 series. Similar to the new BMWi approach where there ‘s a BMWi3 that is not related to the normal 3 Series, the approach makes a bigger distinction between BMW ‘s sub-brands and their models.

But what is perhaps more interesting are the amount of M models based on the M3. While it ‘s true there will be no M3 sedan this time around, BMW is looking at an M3 four door coupe similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe. This could give customers the chance at a four door M3 without having a car look at a glance like any other 3 Series sedan out there.